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Practo sends communications via SMS to patients informing them of their appointment details. These details include information like addresses, doctor names, and dates. But all these details were in English.

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  • Client: Practo
  • Time: 6 Months
  • Industry: Health
  • Service: Prabandhak

Practo’s Requirements

Practo wanted to localize it’s SMS communication so that more and more users could make use of it.

A large number of Practo users are more comfortable in Indian languages than English. Practo wanted to make sure that these patients weren’t missing out on any important information because of the language barrier.

Reverie’s Intervention

Reverie’s strong domain knowledge meant that we could provide the solution Practo needed. Reverie’s LaaS suite includes localization and transliteration.

In addition, our comprehensive services include guidance at every step of implementation, in addition to the actual tech implementation. All this meant that Reverie’s LaaS platform was just what Practo was looking for.

“We opted for Reverie as they are the leader in the space”

Arun, Practo

Services Used

to enable machine translation for 11 indian languages
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Changes made by us

SMS templates were created, with placeholder blanks left out for appointment details. The content of the SMS template, consisting of static strings and common to all communication SMSes, was translated into all the 11 languages Practo uses – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese, Punjabi, Gujarati.
Dynamic strings, in this case, appointment details, were transliterated into the target language’s script, and then plugged into the blank spaces in the SMS template. What you have at the end is an SMS that has been completely localized.

Impact we created

40% of Practo’s patient communication SMSes are now sent in 11 Indian languages, nationwide. The user base’s preference for Indian languages shows a significant demand for receiving communications in an Indian language.
By localizing SMS communications, Practo now ensures that gaps in communicating appointment details to patients have been bridged, making scheduling and going for appointments smoother for patients.

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